Cooking Adventures: Grain-free Pizza

After spotting a recipe on my FB timeline, I asked Mr C if he would like to try the Grain-Free Pizza. His answer was obviously a yes and here is my report (minus the photos of the washing-up I went through, which I’m personally blaming the wine that I chucked down halfway through!). Link for recipe is at the bottom of this post! 

Blitzing the cauliflower for the base was easy enough, just do a little at a time and you’ll be fine. Also I’m pointing out you will need a cauliflower to get a pizza, so if I were to do this again I would defo need two cauliflowers as you need them to be at least 5mm. 

one cauliflower more?

It’s quite amazing how much liquid comes out a cauliflower when you squeeze the living day lights out of it. And you look at it after you’ve squeezed it and go “is that going to be enough”?  Definitely a cauliflower per person feeling.

after squeezing all the excess liquid out , add the remaining ingredients which will bind into a dough!

Now rolling the blighter was erm developed into patting it as it just stuck to the rolling pin. 

roll then press the dough out, until you are happy with its shape!

Just make sure you oil the baking paper well.

I adapted the topping as Mr C don’t like olives. I love them however, Can’t get enough of them! I added aubergine to the mix and fried that off with the peppers before the onions.

Flipping the base over was stressful as was peeling the paper off the bottom, sorry hope I’m not putting you off already. I used a silicone spatula to help peeling the paper off – this is why I emphasise you oil the paper really well! 

your base should look golden brown … mines was slightly over done at the edges!

Ok base done, add the topping and now eat!

Would I do this again? That’s the BIG question. The grain-free pizza is definitely tasty and the texture is pretty cool. Although it’s a lot of prep to see the end result, I think I would give this recipe a shot again, leaving the wine until the eating part! 



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