Garden Adventures: Flowers & Potatoes 

This afternoon I tidied up the garden.  It has been left a little neglected this year due to work and other commitments. I have to say it’s not too bad but there are areas that need a little TLC but it’s not that easy finding the time these days! 

The potatoes haven’t done well as previous years. Shetland Blacks and Pentland Javelins were disasters. Bambinos were a success and I managed to get a decent harvest but I’ve still to look at Cara and see their progress.
I really missed not planting courgettes this year. Definitely planting them next year without a doubt! 

The greenhouse really needs TLC as two the panels keep popping out when it’s windy. It also needs a deep clean before winter sets in. 

I did tidy the area around the green house, it was looking quite messy. Happy I got that done. Boy, the weather forecasters got it wrong, it’s been glorious today! 

As I have a few flowers in the garden, I decided to make a wee bouquet for the house as the other cut flowers had past their best. I love the fact I can russle something up with colour and scent from the garden, plus it’s Free!!

Hope you have all had a good weekend, thanks for reading! 


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