Last Night at St Luke’s 

Was kinda phenomenal. 

Mr C & I saw three bands under one roof at St Luke’s in Glasgow. The headliners were Indie Rock duo, Honeyblood supported by Lucia Fontaine and Manchester born, Pins.

It was the final night for Honeyblood’s UK & USA tour – they still had there witt and charismatic charm on stage. 

Pins were there supporting act throughout the tour. Up until recently I hadn’t heard of them – a nice wee addition to my music library if I must say!

Lucia Fontaine was pretty good too, again another newbie for me. Lucia is also Glaswegian. 

I first saw Honeyblood playing back in 2015 at the National Museum of Scotland, Chamber Street, since then I’ve been a fan. I think Mr C is a bigger fan though considering he’s bought the tickets, albums and a t-shirt! 

St Luke’s is a pretty new venue but it’s already ticking boxes. It’s pretty chilled out too. Decent bar, plenty of toilets, serves food. And the fact that I managed to get parked bang on outside the venue and no big queue leaving is brilliant. Plus I got a pretty amazing mocha from the bar as I was driving! All good – 5 star ⭐️ for the atmosphere and in all the evening!


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